KAREN ROVNER - Contemporary Artist


Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved creating art. I used to tag along with my mother when she painted scenery of the Massachusetts North Shore. She had her tubes of oils and I had my colored pencils.


I started college in liberal arts but quickly realized I wanted to learn more about art and painting. Because of this, I transferred to Mass College of Art, Boston, where I earned the grade of honors in painting. On graduation, I worked in the early days of the computer graphics field.


Throughout my life, I have always made time to create art. In the past, I painted portraits, the figure, landscapes and still lifes. I painted only what I could observe. In the past four years, under the mentoring of Nella Lush, I have evolved into an abstract artist.


I paint intuitively. My marks, strokes and color schemes appear without prior plan. I just keep responding to what I see on the canvas. Occasionally, I will step back and discover I have painted recognizable places, people and circumstances from my life. Typically I use oil paint, oil sticks and charcoal combined with cold wax.


I have been selected to be a member of the National Association of Women Artists (NAWA), New York City, and Rockport Art Association (RAA) in Massachusetts. Other memberships include Newburyport Art Association and the RAA Experimental Group.


My studio is in North Andover, MA. When not painting, I enjoy cooking for my husband and teenage daughter and spending time with family and friends.

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